Data & Code

2020 US Presidential election, trade war, and health insurance coverage expansion

Replication files from The 2020 US Presidential election and Trump's wars on trade and health insurance (with Jun Nie), European Journal of Political Economy (forthcoming).

Replication files

NAFTA tariff phase out

Replication files and self-contained US NAFTA phase-out schedule data from Phase Out Tariffs, Phase In Trade? (with Tibor Besedes and Tristan Kohl), Journal of International Economics, 2020, November, 103385.

Replication files

US NAFTA phase-out schedule

Representative-issue specific measures of contributions and lobbying expenditures

These data decompose representative-specific PAC contributions (from the U.S. House of Representatives) across issues and also decompose issue-specific PAC lobbying expenditures across representatives. This is done for i) all PACs, ii) only business PACs and iii) only labor PACs. For a detailed explanation of how these data were created, see Section 3 and the supplementary material of Revisiting the link between PAC contributions and lobbying expenditures, European Journal of Political Economy, 2015, 37, 86–101.

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IPUMS Census microdata uses the industry classification variable ind1990. The following files contain a concordance between ind1990 and 4-digit SIC87 codes in PDF, excel and STATA formats. See Good jobs, bad jobs: what's trade got to do with it?, with Dann Millimet

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Introduction to LaTeX

This is a brief introduction to LaTeX with an emphasis on WYSIWYG LaTeX editors like LyX. I have developed this as an introduction for people who have never used LaTeX before. The video recording is the presentation I gave for Pamela Meyerhofer's #econ_prosem virtual professional seminar series for economics graduate students and early career researchers.

Introduction to LaTeX (PDF)

Introduction to LaTeX - #econpresem (MP4)