Academic Achievment

Sigma Nu Epsilon Eta Chapter
The University of Tennessee

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Sigma Nu emphasizes the immense importance of academics. The primary goal of every college student should be to graduate. Fraternity experiences and involvement should not in any way take away from the opportunity of a student to succeed academically. Rather, the Fraternity should complement the classroom experience in order for members to become truly well-rounded individuals.

In Sigma Nu, the academic success of each member is valued and encouraged. Our chapter has a well developed academic support program in place to support the minimum GPA requirement that we have in place for all members. Through time-management workshops, chapter-funded academic based scholarships, and academic assistance from both internal and other campus resources, Sigma Nu stresses the academic achievement and success of each member.

We believe academic achievement is a priority, thereby complementing all other areas of fraternity life by creating a balanced college experience. Sigma Nu can make the difference.

The chapter continues to take pride in its academic accomplishments. Listed below you will find GPAs from the past---

Spring 2019 Chapter-Semester 2.97
Fall 2019 Chapter-Semester 2.95
Spring 2020 Chapter-Semester 3.45
Fall 2020 Chapter-Semester 3.02
Spring 2021 Chapter-Semester 3.13

Spring 2019 Chapter-Cumulative 3.02
Fall 2019 Chapter-Cumulative 3.05
Spring 2020 Chapter-Cumulative 3.14
Fall 2020 Chapter-Cumulative 3.14
Spring 2021 Chapter-Cumulative 3.27

Spring 2019 Candidates-Semester 3.03
Fall 2019 Candidates-Semester 2.85
Spring 2020 Candidates-Semester 3.24
Fall 2020 Candidates-Semester 3.05
Spring 2021 Candidates-Semester 2.83

2019 Sigma Nu Graduates-1

2019 Sigma Nu Graduates-2

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