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Sigma Nu Epsilon Eta Chapter
The University of Tennessee

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Twenty years from now, you might not remember your 8:00am chemistry class, working out in the T-RECS or concerts in Market Square. What you will remember are the bonds of friendship that you created and the great times you had at the University of Tennessee.

Since 1921, the Epsilon Eta chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity has conveyed a legacy of excellence rooted in unbreakable bonds of brotherhood. Not only are we all best friends during our time at Tennessee, but our ties extend and strengthen beyond graduation.

Diversity and versatility are two of Sigma Nu's strongest attributes. Our brothers come from all over: from Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia to Florida, Alabama and Mississippi. These different perspectives distinguish Sigma Nu as the ideal fraternal experience. Aside from being very active in the Tennessee social scene, the brothers of Sigma Nu are student leaders, serving in roles as Interfraternity Council Officers, Ignite Team Leaders, Student Alumni Associates, Campus Outreach Ministry Ambassadors, and Student Government Association Officers. Meanwhile our chapter continues to excel in the classroom, pushing each other towards the primary goal of every college student, graduation. Last semester we witnessed 35 of our brothers walk across the stage at graduation and congratulated 68 of our brothers earning their spot on the Dean’s List.

If you are considering joining a fraternity at UT, the first step is to sign up for IFC recruitment. We recommend that you use this opportunity to learn as much as you can about each of the fraternities at our university and the unique experiences that they have to offer.

Sigma Nu is not for everyone. However, for those who want to join a fraternity which will allow you to reach your full college potential both academically and socially, and get the most of your last 4 years before 9-to-5 workdays, we invite you to use fraternity rush week to expose yourself to this strong brotherhood, come hang out at the house, meet our brothers, and experience the facets of Sigma Nu Fraternity.

To register for Recruitment 2021 go to http://volweb.utk.edu/~sigmanu/rush.shtml

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How do I Contact Sigma Nu?

If you are interested in contacting Sigma Nu to learn more about our chapter or our rush events, feel free to contact using any of the following methods. sigmanu@utk.edu.

Stone Smith, smith469@vols.utk.edu, (404) 754-4778

Recruitment Chair
Joe Quinlan, jquinla1@vols.utk.edu, (423) 298-5754

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