Local History

Sigma Nu Epsilon Eta Chapter
The University of Tennessee

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Local History

Sigma Nu Fraternity has been a tradition at the University of Tennessee since 1921 and thrives upon the ideals of Love, Honor and Truth. At UT, the brothers of Sigma Nu are active on campus, participating in intramurals, university events, and service with the Knoxville community, all while having active social lives and thriving in the classroom. Over 1,800 young men have been initiated into the Epsilon Eta chapter of Sigma Nu.

Sigma Nu Fraternity officially began on January 1, 1869 when three honorable cadets at the Virginia Military Institute joined together in the spirit of brotherhood to oppose the hazing they witnessed at VMI. With 180+ active chapters between the United States, men of honor today are continuously being shaped into the leaders of tomorrow. Our brotherhood still strives to uphold the same ideals of love, truth, and honor set forth by our founders.

Sigma Nu stays active on the campus. Athletically, the Epsilon Eta chapter actively participates in all intramural events offer by UT. Socially, the chapter offers a strong social calendar and traditionally joins with a sorority in large campus events such as Homecoming, All-Sing and Carnicus. Academically, the chapter excels and offers financial discounts to new candidates who display a commitment to academic excellence.

Today the Epsilon Eta chapter of Sigma Nu is one of the fastest growing fraternities at the University of Tennessee. We encourage you to become a part of a brotherhood that values Love, Honor and Truth.

MORE LOCAL HISTORY for this Chapter ~ 1920's, 1930's, 1940's, 1950's, 1960's, 1970's. These PDF's contain articles from the period along with informative benchmarks documenting Sigma Nu's past.

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The Plaque

By Lynn Sorrell (E.H. #677)

Sigma Nu plaque The story of the plaque begins at 900 S. 17th Street (site of the current Carousel Theatre beside Clarence Brown Theatre). I was house manager in 1962-63. That was far more work than any other job I had in the fraternity. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Zeta Beta Tau and Lambda Chi Alpha were all on the same block and had bronze plaques with their Greek letters on it. Somehow, it came up at a chapter meeting that we needed a plaque too. We priced the ones from nationals and they were beyond our means. We were cheap and poor in those days. David Lee, initiated circa 1961, was from Lenoir City and his Dad ran a foundry in the town. Dave talked his Dad into forging us a bronze plaque, but the foundry needed a drawing. I drew it up, not knowing the specific gravity of the bronze alloy to be used for calculating the total weight. Well, I overdid it. I could have drawn it up with about half the thickness and it still would have worked. It's about two inches think on the sides and one inch would have done it. We attached it to the house at 900 17th in the fall of 1963. It took four men to lift it into place and substantial bolts to attach it. The plaque stayed until the original house at 1824 Fraternity Park was built in 1966-67. The plaque was removed from its second house when the original 1824 Fraternity Park house was demolished and is now proudly displayed on its third Sigma Nu house, the new fraternity house at 1824 Fraternity Park.

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Man Of The Year Award
Epsilon Eta, Sigma Nu Chapter

Each year the brothers of Epsilon Eta select one bother as Man of the Year. The award goes to the brother who has served the chapter with distinction during the academic year and lived the ideals of Love, Honor and Truth.

1987-Brad Serff

1988-Chip Orr

1989-J. W. Scott

1990-Tim Ingle

1991-Joseph Gillespie

1992-Shawn Hodge

1993-Issac Lewis


2003-Frank Mason

2004-Andrew Shafer

2005-Cory Tickle

2006-Jeff Yarborough

2007-Tyler Wilkerson

2008-Tyler Wilkerson

2009-John Smolko, III

2010-Nick Poveromo

2011-Not Selected

2012-Taylor Wilkins

2013-Philip Davis

2014-Robert Stow

2015-Robert Stow

2016-John Seale

2016-Ian Metcalfe

2017-Jacob Travis

2018-Luke McConnell

2019-Luke McConnell

2020-Philip Deaton

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Past Commanders
Epsilon Eta, Sigma Nu Fraturnity

The following list of Past Commanders was complied from information obtained from Sigma Nu Headquarters, reviewing The Volunteer Yearbook and old chapter composites on file with the chapter.

The following brothers served as Commander from 1921 to 1949 —

Claude C. Wilson | Howard H. Baker | Robert R. Dodson | Emmett Hoge | George E. Oldham Jr. | Julius H. Bayer, Jr. | Edward J. Young, Jr. | William P. Ridley, Jr. | John B. Link, Jr. | Joseph R. Gracy | Col. William M. Slayden, II | Ward M. Burleson | George E. Paullus, Jr. | Frank H. Snipes, Jr. | William C. Jacobs, Jr. | Jack Williams | Jack Williams | Ernest M. Kenny | William O. Mynatt | James S. Little | Julian P. Hinton | Benjamin C. Young | Earl O. Williams | James W. Fly | Dan Thompson | Paul A. Hughes | Joseph E. Tate, Jr. | Paul O. Dore, Jr. | Thomas C. Prince, Jr. | Joe L. Lay | Richard W. Dell | Joe Mansfield


1950-Jack Q. Crum

1951-James D. Robertson

1952-Elmer L. Cook

1953-Dr. Tyler E. Riggins

1953-Dr. Cecil H. Stansberry

1959-C. Russell Briggs, Jr.

1954-Joe R. Gamble, Jr.

1955-E. Douglas Gilmer

1956-C. Leroy Anderson

1957-R. Kelley Baird

1958-R. Kelley Baird


1960 William G. Crump

1961 Charles F. Smith

1962 Patrick C. Malone

1963 William G. Robinson

1963 64 H. Steve Tidwell

1965 Grady O’Neil Clark

1965-66 D. Lynn Sorrell

1966-67 John R. Tindall, Jr.

1967-68 Larry D. Bredeson

1968-69 Judge Dennis H. Inman

1969-70 Dennis Ford


1970-71 Stephen C. Beckmann

1971-72 Warren E. Travis, Jr.

1972-73 Edwin M. Baxter, III

1973-74 James L. Hanvey

1974-75 Dr. John S. Arendt

1975-76 Charles J. Klindt

1976-77 William B. Lawson

1977-78 William B. Lawson

1978-79 Thomas M. Sweatt

1979 Frank E. Neal, III

1979-80 James L. Parrish


1980-81 R. Edward Ingle

1982 Frederick L. Dismukes, Jr.

1982-83 Jerry R. Stroupe, Jr.

1983-84 Barry J. Smith

1984-85 L. Allen Pollitt, III

1985-86 L. Allen Pollitt, III

1986-87 David J. Kanwisher

1987 Christopher A. Pike

1987-88 Bradley P. Serff

1988-89 Barry M. Spurlock

1989 Nathan Kerr

1989-90 Thad L. Harshbager


1990-91 J. Brent Moore

1991-92 J. Brent Moore

1992-93 Marshall L. Beene

1993 Christopher S. Davis

1994 Robert G. Parkinson

1995 Chad A. Quesenberry

1996 Marc V. Courts

1997-98 Matthew P. Friedman

1998-99 Jonathan L. Bell

1999-00 Bryan M. Rieley


2000-01 Chadwick A. Raphael

2001-02 Jason E. Watkins

2002-03 Patrick R. Poynor

2003 W. Eric Wachtler

2003-04 Andrew A. Shafer

2004-05 Jeffrey H. Yarbrough

2005-06 Cory S. Tickle

2006-07 Tyler Wilkerson

2007-08 J. Wesley Harmon

2008-09 Josh Frieling

2009-10 Jason Kafader


2010-11 Nick Poveromo

2011-12 C. Todd Bateman

2012-13 Parker Loy

2013-14 Will Parks

2014-15 Jeremy Soble

2015-16 Ian Metcalf

2016-17 Michael Bowers

2017-18 Zach Long

2018-19 Luke McConnell

2019-20 Will Hensley


2020-21 Phil Deaton

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